Passing Your Driving Test

Full Driving Licence

One of the most memorable days that you will remember forever is the day you pass your driving test. At least, if you are anything like me it was the first step into adulthood, freedom, opening the whole world up for adventure and exploration.

Not only does being able to drive give you freedom and opportunity, it is a stepping stone on the path to being an adult.

There is a lot to learn before you pass your test. Firstly you need to successfully pass your theory test which covers driving law, the highway code, road signs and more. You need to understand what all the signs mean, what you are supposed to do in different circumstances, to keep yourself as well as other road users safe.

Once you have passed your theory test, you will move onto the second part of your test. The practical exam. This involves driving with an examiner and demonstrating that you are skillful enough to drive safely.

Only when you have passed both parts of the test will you be given a full driving licence.

New Drivers

There are some distinct differences to the law for new drivers in the first two years of your driving history. Firstly, instead of having room for up to 12 points available on your licence, you will only have 6 points for the first 24 months.

This means that if you are caught for two speeding offences ( 3points x 2), or two bald tyres (3 points x 2), or for not having insurance (6 points) you will lose your driving licence. It gets worse too, not only will you lose your licence, but you will be required to take your complete driving test again to get back on the road.

Passing your driving test requires a lot of knowledge and learning. Make sure the you learn from the best by choosing Bennetts Driving School wherever you are in the UK and let their professional driving instructors give you all the skills you need and none of the bad habits!.